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People’s Initiative Network, Hyderabad

The people’s Initiative Network was initiated in 1990 By Bro. Varghese Theckanath. It all began in June 1990 when he ventures to step out into the high roads and by lanes of the city and its slums, open to the spirit and trusting in Providence. He was then attached to the community of All Saints’, Hyderabad. In 1992, the “Slum Development Project” functioned as a filial community of Montfort Bhavan, Provincial House, Hyderabad.

There are 812 notified slums in Hyderabad City. But in reality the number is more than 2000. The people in slums are migrants from various parts of A.P. These slums are thickly populated and people live in inhuman condition with lack of basic amenities. They are employed in un-organized sectors like domestic workers, rickshaw pullers, daily wagers, dhobis, sweepers, scavengers, vendors and people engaged in all sorts of mental jobs. Their income is below poverty line.

These migrants belong to different religions. Majority of them are Tribals and Dalits. Children of these vulnerable people do not have opportunity to get educated. In these slums the numbers of child labour is high. Women are the most vulnerable groups as they are dragged into trafficking and taking up menial jobs. The number of windowed families is on the increase and many women are deserted.

Slowly the women of the slums were gathered in their own streets and evening classes were given to them. After knowing the value of education, people of the slum invited the Brothers to start a school for them. The first PIN school was established at Moosa Nagar in a small hut. In course of time, with minded NGO’s and Individuals joined together in spreading PIN’s vision.


To provide basic education to the under privileged and drop out students of the slums.

To foster and help to preserve the rights of children in difficult circumstances.

To empower adolescent girls and women through self-help programme.

To train personnel and promote leadership for the development of the urban poor.

To empower people to plan, organize and to demand for their rights.

To join hands and collaborate with like minded activists, NGO’s and government agencies.

To safe guard the rights of the urban poor and help them get better amenities, food, shelter, etc.

To counsel and guide the young minds at juvenile homes.

Slowly PIN started to spread out its branches through the service of basic education to the children of slum dwellers.

Moosanagar, Chaderghat
Hyderabad – 500 024.
Ph.No: 040-24412011